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Quality & EHS

Quality Management System
SanoChem Quality Management System is based on ISO9001 and ICHQ7.Managed by the Quality Assurance Department and all departments participating, SanoChem Quality Management System implements comprehensive quality control from the Inquiry to the Customer Satisfaction survey after the shipment of the goods. (Including Contract Evaluation →Supplier Audit and management of major raw materials → Raw materials Release, the output Assessment of R&D phase→ Amplification Control, Process Control, Product release, Customer Satisfaction survey, and so on. ) 

Quality Assurance
Quality Audit: Audit Suppliers of our raw materials  to ensure the Quality and Stability  of raw materials’ supply; To ensure the Quality and our Service meet customer’s requirement, we accept and welcome the audit from our customers.
Quality Control: We require and execute it strictly based on "Man, Machine, Material, Method, Environment" five aspects
Authentication Management:  We have set up our Verification System, such as: Cleaning Validation, Process Validation, Equipment Validation, Analytical Method Validation, and so on.

Quality Control
QC Department provides a full range of analytical testing services from raw materials to final products, including  Development and Validation of Analytical Methods, , Impurity Analysis, Residual Solvent Analysis, Analytical Instrument Validation, Cleaning Validation, Identification of compound structure, Chiral separation, Purity Analysis and Release. A variety of advanced analytical equipment and a highly qualified professional team provide an effective analysis control  for SanoChem’s products.
Taking China GMP and ICH as the guidelines,and based on ISO9001, our QC Department has established a comprehensive quality control processes and set up  the  internal management standard, covering raw materials, intermediates and final products’ inspection criteria, and effectively ensures the quality of  SanoChem products.

Quality Policy

Science and Technology Innovation, Continuous Improvement; Customer First.


EHS Management System
SanoChem EHS management system is the combination of EMS and OHSMS, regarding Environment, Health and Safety as key elements for enterprise’s development. The purpose of establishing EHS management system is to protect the environment, improve the healthiness and safety for work place, working condition, and safeguard employee’s rightful benefit. The implementation of EHS management system enhances the cohesion, improves the internal management and enterprise image, motivates the creation of economic benefit and social benefit.
EHS Policy

SanoChem Safety Culture: take Safety, Environmental Protection and Occupational Health as an important component of corporate culture and one of the core competitiveness.
Self-control: We try to achieve self-management and self-control.
Continuous Improvement: We need to get the continuous improvement of Safety, Environmental Protection and Occupational Health.
Implement of scientific management and risk-proof system.
Union of economical and social benefit: safe production is not only economical benefit but also social benefit.
Environmental Protection, Occupational Health and Safety are the reflection of a enterprise’s comprehensive strength.

Commitment of General Manager
Safety, Environment, Health, are placed at the first place in ourcompany's operations in order to ensure the relative laws and regulations of National environmental protection, occupational health and safety could be effectively enforced.

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