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Technology Platform

We have built our technology platform based on rich experiences of chemistry research and development, such as Chiral Technology, Thiophosgene Technology , Low Temperature Reaction Technology  Coupling Technology, Ozonolysis , Grignard reaction, Azidation , Diazotization , Boric acid synthesis, Carbohydrate synthesis, Cyanation, Hydrogenation, Nitrification, Bromide reaction, Alkylation and so on.

Chiral Technology

Asymmetric synthesis: Such as Asymmetric Chiral Pool Synthesis, Chiral Ligand induced Synthesis, Asymetric Catalytic Reactions.

Asymmetric Enzymatic Catalytic Synthesis: Enzyme Catalysis and Resolution.

We can use the sodium cyanide. We have a comprehensive safety measure of  use for lab, pilot, and  production scale.

Thiophosgene Technology
Thiophosgene(S=CCl2) is produced in house in 100 kg batch quantity. We offer contract manufacture service based on Thiophosgene chemistry. Many new APIs and chemical intermediates have  been developed, such as Alkoxy aromatic, Oxygen radicals.
Low Temperature Reaction

With liquid N2 cooling system, we can carry out various reactions below to -80℃.
Coupling Technology
Suzuki coupling, Buchwald reaction, Sonogashira reaction, Negishi reaction, Heck reaction , Stille reaction,  Cu Nickel catalyzed C-C, C-N, C-O coupling are widely applied in our research and production. 
Ozone Technology
With the low temperature reaction system and ozone generator(10mol/hr) we can carry out large scale ozonolysis.  
Grignard Reaction
With extensive experience, we can carry out up to 5000L Grignard reaction for complicate molecules. 

Hydrogenation Facilities

Special Hydrogenation reactors are built in dedicated plant for <35 ATM

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