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Our Culture

Fairness, Dedication, Innovation.

At SanoChem, sky is the limit for personal development. We take great pride in providing a fair and supportive environment for each of the SanoChem family member to accomplish their career goals through dedicationand creativity.

Our people are our greatest asset. SanoChem provides employees with competitive compensation and benefit package, diversetraining opportunities, including on-the-job training, management training,scientific seminars and much more. We promote an energetic, dynamic, and respectful working environment and recruit people with high ethical standards,a passion for science and a dedication to quality. Many young employees at SanoChem have benefited greatly from those trainings in the past years andare now ranking among the best chemists in the industry.


SanoChem places special emphasis on employee safety and the protection of our environment and has established a comprehensive set of guidelines and procedures.

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