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SanoChem (Chengdu) Tech. Co.,Ltd. was founded at the end of 2013 and became operational in August of 2014. It is located in the Hi-Tech Zone of Chengdu. As a chemistry based, research and innovation-driven high-tech company, SanoChem provides customers with innovative chemistry services including a catalog of specially designed scaffolds and building blocks; custom synthesis based on in-house products and expertise;  process development and large-scale synthesis of key intermediates and APIs.


With extensive experience in medicinal chemistry, molecular modeling and synthetic chemistry, SanoChem  has designed a special catalog of 2,000 scaffolds & building blocks based on structure information of market drugs, clinical and preclinical candidates. Many of our catalog compounds were not commercially available.


With chemistry technology and expertise accumulated in synthesizing those catalog compounds, our business  has expanded into custom synthesis, process development and manufacture of key intermediates/APIs with challenging chemistry. 


Our factory has an independent manufacture site (1200 square meters), storage, quality control center, effluent water treatment center, and product transformation center. We have established a multifunctional production line that can carry out distillation, low temperature operation, solid-liquid separation, extraction, and pressure reactions. Equipped with reactors from 200L to 5000L, we are capable to meet production demands at various scales. With its cutting edge production and testing equipment, comprehensive QA system, and stringent quality measurements, SanoChem meets all cGMP standards from source supply, quality control, manufacture, and final product release.

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